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Photo Essays

Al Sharpton March

By Ashley Bigbee

On Feb. 15, I captured images for the Save Our History Rally in Tallahassee, Florida. The protest occurred after Governor Ron DeSantis made numerous decisions regarding school subjects such as AP African American Studies. Many people across Leon County and surrounding counties marched from Holmes’ Bethel Missionary Baptist Church to the Florida State Capitol.

Throughout the images shown below, I sought to highlight the emotions of the diverse group of protestors and showcase various pastors that traveled across Florida to discuss the impact of removing Black history across classrooms in Florida. Florida A&M University’s NAACP chapter President, Sydney Aitcheson, and Florida State’s NAACP chapter President, Bria Kenna, also discussed the importance of today’s generation continuing to fight for our freedom and not being silenced. Civil Rights leader and activist Rev. Al Sharpton joined Rev. Holmes, along with Florida State Representative Fentrice Driskell, and State Senator Shevrin Jones, to discuss the importance of fighting to keep black history inside of schools and how “our history cannot be erased.”

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