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J School Journals

By Jazlen Patrick

Twin Identity? Trailer

Journalists Jazlen and Jaelen Patrick tease their eye-opening documentary Twin

By Malcolm Harvey

Dementia Blur

This is a short film by Gabrielle Hall & Malcom

By Staff Reports


This is a short film by Briana Michel & Nigeria

Kayla Mckinney

Far From Home

Far From Home seeks to find the true meaning of home by exploring “home” and sense of

Kelly Pusey

The Sneaker Game

By: Kamryn Marshall and Kelly Pusey This documentary details the relationship between buyers and

Kaviena Spencer

Life Equals Death

Black women in the United States are 3-4x more likely to die from pregnancy related causes than

Bria Wesley


OutKasts is a short film that follows the lives of a few white men that experience racism and