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“Moore” Success for Ciara Mims Public Relations student levels up at local agency

By Staff Reports

Former newspaper editor-in-chief of the Famuan Ciara Mims has landed an internship with local public relations agency Moore.

Mims initially began her educational career studying information technology at FAMU but quickly found that the School of Journalism & Graphic Communication was the academic home for her. She attributes her conversion to public relations to Professor Ranata Hughes, who serves in a dual role as the internship coordinator for the school and as a public relations professor.

After solidifying an internship with Moore, Mims decided it was in her best interest to reconsider how she would balance her time between work and school to fully maximize her collegiate experience. Mims works at GreenWise Market, was editor-in-chief at the Famuan, and is a full-time student completing her degree in 2021. Throughout Mims’ matriculation in the public relations degree program, she has obtained membership in Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA), National Association of Black Journalists (NABJ) and Jewels Incorporated.

“Time management was one of my most difficult challenges because I felt like every day I had something to do. I didn’t have enough time to myself and wanted to focus more on the internship,” said Mims.

Mims emphasized how her duties as editor-in-chief prepared her to handle time management, deadlines and pressure in her everyday life. She believes that her internship at Moore has reassured her that public relations and communications is in fact what she wants to pursue as her career industry. While reflecting on her journey thus far she expressed that it was her goal to dedicate more time to grow professionally and prepare for life after graduation.

“The work environment is amazing, welcoming and friendly! I enjoy working toward my goal of writing and conducting research at a faster pace,” Mims said.

Moore was established in Tallahassee more than 25 years ago and offers clients services such as branding, creative campaigns, public relations and digital marketing. Tallahassee is home to Moore’s headquarters, however, the company has grown since its inception and now has other locations in West Palm Beach, New Orleans and Denver. Moore currently provide services to big-ticket clients such as Ford, Bank of America, Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA) and Florida Prepaid College Board just to name a few.

Moore Account Coordinator Bleu Bell is a senior FAMU public relations student, who welcomed Mims to the agency. Bell, a graduating senior this semester, interned at Moore in Spring 2019 and was the first FAMU student to secure an internship with the agency in more than 20 years and was excited for both Mims and the company when Mims first approached her regarding her interest in Moore.

“Ciara is a jack-of-all-trades. Her experience as former Famuan editor-in-chief proves that she has project management experience, great time management and dedication. She’s just an overall hard worker,” said Bell.

Angeline Taylor, both an alumna and professor of the School of Journalism & Graphic Communication has worked very closely with Mims for more than two years.

“I’ve never had to be concerned about Ciara in her craft. Her honesty, integrity and faith are what make her an exemplary student-leader at this school,” Taylor said.

Moore’s Director of Internships Fern Senra-James urges all students interested in interning at Moore to develop a strong writing background. He insists that public relations and media relations can be taught more easily on the job as opposed to the fundamental of good writing.

“Ciara has been such a great intern! She has met all my expectations,” Senra-James said.